I'm Mekina Saylor. 

I'm an East Coast wedding photographer and business strategist who loves to create and never stops thinking of new ideas. Captivated by new nick names, silly competition and an unwavering craving for Dominos Hawaiian pizza. Keep on scrollin' to see what else we might have in common. :)

Texas born, Carolina raised, Jersey girl living.

hi friend!

I was four years old when I first fell in love with weddings. My mom used to catch me having pretend weddings with my dolls. Truth is not much has changed. If anything my love for a wedding day has grown. The loving embraces, the smile on your groom's face when he first sees you and the laughter filling the room as much as it does our hearts, I love it all! 

After I graduated college I knew I wanted to do something in the Wedding industry. I turned to planning, but the joy I felt when planning wasn’t the same kind of passion and love I had when capturing a wedding day. I photographed my first wedding eight years ago, and launched my business a couple years after that, the rest is history. 

Every wedding I feel that little girl inside of me jumping with joy at the fact she gets to do what she loves. 

When I’m not documenting gorgeous love stories, I enjoy some binge watching, traveling  and getting some major snuggle time in with my nieces and nephews. After living in Manhattan for 5 years I love that I finally have a car and can work on my dance moves in a bit more space. 

a few hidden talents:

golf. bow tying. bike Riding. multitasking. movie marathoning. parallel parking. food sharing.

a few favorite things:

coffee. peanut m&ms. road trips. audio books. ping pong. hallmark. printed photos. pedicures. quality time. nyc. champagne. smiling.blue.









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