Upper West Side Engagement: Jamie + Dan


Jamie and Dan are so clearly perfect for one another. They’re the type of couple you can’t help but adore. Jamie is a PR Manager at LVMH and Dan is in Real Estate at Keller Williams. Jamie and Dan met six years ago working in the same office. They became friends, moved jobs and four years ago started dating. Last May, Dan planned an elaborate proposal in Central Park, which ended at the Boathouse with close friends and family. Jamie had no idea! They’re getting married on June 28th, at the Coveleigh Club in Rye NY.

I met Dan through my boyfriend at an Awards banquet their company was hosting. I quickly found out he was engaged and getting married in June. I immediately started asking questions about their wedding and of course his fiance, Jamie. He said they had already booked a photographer and weren’t doing engagement pictures. After some convincing, I felt pretty confident I would be meeting Jamie and photographing them for an engagement session. A couple days later I emailed Dan, was introduced to Jamie via email and a date was set on our calendars for March 22nd for engagement pictures. Hooray!

2014-03-26_00032014-03-26_0016 2014-03-26_00022014-03-26_0013

2014-03-26_0008   2014-03-26_0012

Jamie has a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. 2014-03-26_0010

2014-03-26_0011 2014-03-26_0019

Romance on a bridge. Check.   2014-03-26_0014    2014-03-26_0018

I just had to add this one! Jamie is from the midwest and totally fits the New York City Lifestyle. This is one of my favorites of her. :)  2014-03-26_0017Thank you Dan and Jamie for spending your Saturday with me! I had so much fun hanging out with you two and soaking up such a gorgeous day in Central Park and the Upper West Side. I can’t wait to hang out again soon. :)


Taco Soup and Vegetable Quesadillas



So… Sometimes I can cook. I got it from my momma. Back in my nanny days I used to cook a lot more but now I’m lucky if I get a home cooked meal once a month. Last week between our Spring day teasers it was freezing rain and snow.  One of my favorite things to make on a cold winter day is my Mom’s taco soup recipe. Mmm mmm GOOD!

2014-03-17_0011Taco Soup Ingredients:

Brown with onion
1 lb ground beef
1 lb sausage
(we use Jimmy Dean Maple flavored) I also don’t always put sausage in my soup. 
Add to meat mixture
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans corn
2 cans Ranch style Beans
1 can green chilies 


Now to be honest… the soup is mighty filling and you absolutely don’t need the quesadilla part to be stuffed but this vegetable quesadilla recipe by my dad and step mom will knock your socks off!


Vegetable Quesadilla Recipe:

World Harbors Mexican Style Fajita Marinade
Add to sliced peppers
2 peppers
 (I personally like the red and yellow ones. :))
1 can of black beans
1 pkg. spinach lettuce
1 pkg. mexican cheese
       1 jalapeño (optional obviously)  

2014-03-17_00072014-03-17_0009 2014-03-17_00052014-03-17_0004

Adding a little crunch with tortilla chips will seal the deal on this soup recipe!

2014-03-17_0001Somebody liked it!
One thing I absolutely loved about this…

I hope you enjoy! Stay warm this week and make something tasty. :)


My First Kiss and the Strangers Kissing Video

It seems like a million years ago when I had my first kiss. I was in Sixth Grade… SIXTH GRADE!!! So young. I went to the movies with my first boyfriend and best friend. Of course I lied and said I had kissed people before, mostly because my Sixth grade boyfriend had basically made out with my entire class and I didn’t want anyone to know how inexperienced I was.

I can’t even recall the movie we were watching. My best friend was talking to my boyfriend and I about when we were going to kiss. Finally she looked at me and said “you’ve kissed people, he’s kissed people, so kiss already!” she pushed our heads together and walked away. Before I could turn away in humiliation, my boyfriend grabbed my face and stuck his tongue down my throat. Happy first kiss day in a movie theater to me.

I’ve been dying over the Strangers Kissing video! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it and get ready for a roller coaster of feelings and flashback memories. 

strangers kissing

Sneak Peek: Melissa + Tadji New York City Engagement

Sunday was a perfect day in the sun with these two cutie patooties! Melissa and Tadji met at a wine bar in New Jersey. Melissa stated, ” I saw him at the bar and thought Heyyy Good Lookin’! and that was it.” They have been dating two and a half years. During their engagement session they both bubbled over with love and genuine admiration for one another. Check out this precious sneak peek from Sunday!


Thank you Melissa and Tadji for spending the day with me and bursting with adorableness. Majestic Creative, thank you for allowing me to photograph such a gorgeous couple! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding October 18th!

This Week: Seth Meyers , Card Games, Girl Scout Cookies, and More.

I’ve been in much better shape than I was last week. I’m still gushing over Jenny and Chris‘ engagement sesh! It was the perfect start to a great week. 2014-03-02_0017

The boyfriend and I went to see Late Night with Seth Meyers! It was awesome! Special guests include: Ralph FiennesAllison Williams and Mike Birbiglia. For the first three minutes I thought Ralph was Liam Neeson, when in fact he’s the actor who plays Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter. He’s also in a bunch of other stuff too. Allison Williams plays Marnie Michaels in Girls and just got engaged. Yes… I’d die to shoot her wedding! Mike Birbigila seems pretty funny. He is a comedian and doing a crazy 100 city tour! Go! Go, now to Late Night with Seth Meyers! :) Did I mention we got our tickets for free? Yeah… pretty great. Seth Meyers

I’m a bit of a card shark, or I’d like to think I am. This week I failed. I got beat not once, not twice… but THREE times! I hate losing.cardgames

Almost every morning I go to Bagels on the Square in the West Village. It’s by far the best bagel place around and this week was a monumental week. They remembered me and my order! Hooray for custom coffee service!View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/phillary-collection

Once upon a time I was a Girl Scout. Every year I feel like I have to do my duty and order cookies. My order came in this week. I had 14 cookies the first day. Don’t judge me, I know I have a problem and absolutely no self-discipline… but it only happens once a year right?GScalmness

Happy Friday!

The Perfect Prospect Park Pair: Jenny + Chris

2014-03-02_0033After originally meeting through online dating, Jenny and Chris hit it off and their first date seemed never-ending. I was so excited to meet Chris and see the two of them together. Their chemistry was apparent to everyone who walked by us in Brooklyn. We started in Prospect Park and took a walk over the icy walk ways and through the bridge tunnels leading us to an open field full of snow. The bridge tunnels were stunning and Jenny and Chris nestled closely for warmth which made for some quite romantic pictures. After Prospect Park we headed to Brooklyn Heights. Jenny and Chris were a perfect pair on the Promenade. The city scape was breathtaking and we were too close to Love Lane to pass it up. Saturday was so much fun exploring Brooklyn with Jenny and Chris. The day was filled with so many smiles and of course… pictures. :) 2014-03-02_00152014-03-02_00182014-03-02_0016Jenny! You are stunning! 2014-03-02_00432014-03-02_00232014-03-02_00172014-03-02_0019


Cozying up to stay warm… these two are too adorable!2014-03-02_00252014-03-02_00452014-03-02_00222014-03-02_0014

Who doesn’t love a little sun flair? 2014-03-02_00462014-03-02_0032

A little love on Love Lane anyone? 2014-03-02_00312014-03-02_00302014-03-02_00402014-03-02_0044 Saturday could not have been better or prettier! Thank you Jenny and Chris for letting me spend the day with you and showing me around Brooklyn. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to explore again soon.